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Awareness and Partnership Building

Empowering our youths with STEM education

The main factor contributing to a success of the project Chevron Enjoy Science is the collaboration among a number of different sectors in awareness building and knowledge sharing to public, and especially to policy makers with regard to “STEM education” and “skills development”. The project is committed to create such partnership in establishing mutual visions and work plans in order to engage and motivate youths to be interested in the STEM workforce. In addition, the project aims to promote networking and provide more access for a wider target groups. This collaboration and close partnership enhance the STEM education culture and impose opportunities for the new STEM learning environment as well as knowledge and skills improvement on students, teachers and educational personnel.
Furthermore, the project also promotes “Informal STEM Education,” adding new dimensions of STEM learning through fun activities. The project also creates knowledge sharing environment among educational personnel and leads to sustainable development. These activities are organized and supported by the partnership between the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and the National Science Museum (NSM). They range from conferences, academic trainings and workshops, innovation contests to science knowledge-building sessions such as science fair and science caravan.