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OVEC, FTI and Chevron’s Research Shows that the Lack of Skilled Workers and SMEs’ Continued Use of Industry 2.5 Technology Are the Two Primary Causes Limiting Industrial Competitiveness

OVEC, FTI and Chevron announced the results of their in-depth research entitled “New Manufacturing Technicians – Responding to Industry 4.0.” The report revealed that 75% of businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), still use technology below that of Industry 2.5 level. Meanwhile, the shortage of highly skilled technicians also limits competitiveness. To enable expeditious solutions to the urgent problems, the report identified three major recommendations, including the need to enhance STEM education to strengthen Thailand’s industrial sector.

Chisholm Institute Australia was entrusted by the project to conduct research using in-depth interviews and data analysis in Thailand and abroad. The research found that a major factor hindering the progress of Thai industries was the fact that 75% of businesses in Thailand still utilize technologies below the Industry 2.5 level. This is especially true for SMEs because they face cost constraints and are thus unable to invest in advanced technologies.

The recommendations contained in the research report will be delivered to government agencies responsible for driving education, in an effort to present guidelines for developing curriculum that is suitable for workforce development, with the hope of supporting the production of qualified workers for the labor market and drive Thailand towards Industry 4.0 in the future.

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