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Improving Math and Science
Education Throughout Thailand

Inquiry-based learning educates students by challenging them with questions, problems, or scenarios, rather than just presenting established facts. Such learning requires students to develop their research, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, instead of simply memorizing answers to pre-established questions.

Inquiry-based learning has been proven as a highly effective teaching method, especially for STEM-related subjects, helping students mature into life-long learnings who pursue their curiosities. Through projects such as Chevron INCREASE, and now Chevron Enjoy Science, Kenan Institute Asia and Chevron have been instrumental in implementing effective and innovative inquiry-based learning concepts throughout Thailand, benefiting thousands of students.

Challenge Them with

Partnering with a leading regional industry association, these Hubs will provide industry-specific STEM trainings for grade 10-12 and 13-14 students, as well as technical competency teacher trainings.

Challenge Them with

Based in universities, these Hubs will provide TVET teachers and grade 10-12 and 13-14 students with improved STEM trainings and real-world industry trainings.

Challenge Them with

Working with a specific industry leader, these Hubs will provide business-specific trainings for grade 10-12 and 13-14 students and TVET teachers.