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Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue No.25

Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue No.25

Artit Krichphiphat (left) from Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd., Kullaprapa Navanugraha (second right) from National Science and Technology Development Agency, Ganigar Chen (second left)  from National Science Museum and Dr. Saroj Kojuantiaw (right) from the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), at  the Young Makers Contest Year 3 press conference

The Chevron Enjoy Science Project, along with its partners the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), the National Science Museum (NSM) and the Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), welcomes young inventors from across Thailand to submit projects under the theme of “Green Innovation.” Projects should focus on innovations that benefit the environment, individuals and society – in both the short and long term. The contest emphasizes inventions that are eco-friendly, reduce pollution, save energy or promote the conservation of natural resources. The winners of the contest will be granted scholarships and the opportunity to join the Maker Faire Bay Area in San Francisco, USA, worth more than 1.2 million baht.

Mr. Artit Krichphiphat, Business Support General Manager at Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd., emphasized that “In an era where everything is driven by technology and innovation, it is crucial that our youth possess STEM abilities and are able to build on such abilities by creating innovations that can be put to real use. The Enjoy Science: Young Makers Contest Year 3 provides a space for young makers to present their innovations and share their knowledge on the making of inventions. The contest is also helping to expand networking among Thailand’s maker community. This year’s theme addresses real problems found in communities. I hope that the innovations submitted into this contest will contribute to a more dynamic maker culture in Thailand.”

The contest has been held annually for three consecutive years, and continues to be supported by key partners, namely NSTDA, NSM and OVEC. Each partner is committed to increasing the capabilities and potential of Thailand’s youth.

Kullaprapa Navanugraha, Vice President of NSTDA, said that “NSTDA has worked with the Chevron Enjoy Science Project since its inaugural year, and has witnessed the improvement of young makers’ skills and potential. Last year, more than 340 ideas were submitted to the contest. This year, the focus is on creating inventions that solve environmental issues, in alignment with the government’s 20-year national strategic plan. We, therefore, believe that not only can the Enjoy Science: Young Makers Contest foster a culture of creativity and inventiveness in the country, but can also motivate youth to become part of the solution – helping the country achieve its goal of sustainability.”

NSM’s primary mission is to inspire Thai society about science and technology learning, as well as support the development of a more innovative mindset. Partnering with Chevron Enjoy Science on the Young Makers Contest helps to enable youth and interested individuals to access relevant knowledge. “The Enjoy Science: Young Makers Contest creates a space for young makers to pool together their thoughts, their approaches to invention design and a multitude of other skills. Furthermore, this contest inspires the makers to create inventions that are environmentally friendly,” said Ganigar Chen, Director of NSM’s Office of the Public Awareness of Science.

Saroj Kojuantiaw, Advisor for Vocational Education Standards (Industry) at OVEC, said “having a stage for young people to put their innovative prowess to the test helps promote the development of skills necessary for work – skills that are crucial for the future labor market. Thailand is progressing towards the Industry 4.0 era and vocational personnel play an important part in this progression. The Enjoy Science: Young Makers Contest Year 3 is a good launching pad for personnel in vocational fields, and also helps to stimulate interest in the creation of items that will benefit the country in the future.”

The Enjoy Science: Young Makers Contest Year 3 is split into two categories – one for students in vocational education (not exceeding the diploma level) and another for students in general education (not exceeding the bachelor’s level). The winners will receive a scholarship and be invited to participate in the Maker Faire Bay Area 2019, a flagship exhibition of inventions that takes place in San Francisco, United States. Ideas for green innovations are being accepted from now until July 31, 2018.  For more details on the conditions of the contest, please visit or the Enjoy Science: Young Makers Contest Facebook page.



June 29, 2018