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Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue.27

Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue.27

Out of schools, into communities
Chevron Enjoy Science collaborates with international experts to publish 17-page policy brief on Thai informal STEM education

As it becomes increasingly recognized that STEM knowledge and skills are necessary for the 21st century workforce, educators seek to bolster informal and lifelong learning to kindle and sustain the curiosity of learners beyond of the classroom. Science museums, maker spaces, Community Learning Centers and local informal education programs are all sites where individuals can build upon existing knowledge, develop motivation to pursue further learning, and build an identity as a person who uses STEM in personal, professional and civic aspects of their lives.

To map the landscape of informal STEM education worldwide, a team of Thai and American thought leaders, policymakers, researchers, educators and field practitioners collaborated on a 17-page brief detailing policy recommendations for a robust informal STEM education policy strategy. For each of the six key policy recommendations, the brief provides suggests three to five strategies for implementation. Additionally, it outlines current practices in Thailand and best practices from Singapore, America, Canada and around the world. These recommendations aim to foster a technologically-driven, culturally flourishing and inclusive economy for Thailand.



September 4, 2018