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Eight-year-old “Korya” Nayada Fujitniran and her family shared their experiences from joining the Enjoy Maker Space workshop at the National Science and Technology Fair 2017. “I was the one who chose to work on a floating invention. After studying the concept behind the invention, I immediately realized that I needed to build a balloon, because I have seen balloons floating in the air before.” Korya said.

Korya began to create her first invention at the Enjoy Maker Space with a plastic ball, clay, and rope. Although her first few attempts failed to enable the object to float in the air for an extended period of time, through observation and refinements in the design of her invention, she recognized a remedy to her invention. She realized that the object was too heavy so she adjusted the amount of clay attached to the balloon until its weight was perfect and it floated successfully.

“It was a very enjoyable activity because I was able to think and build on my own. I was excited when I saw my invention float for the first time. But after seeing that the balloon could only float for a short time, I was eager to find a solution to make it better. I learned from many useful opinions about possible reasons why the balloon could not float for long, and I began thinking about how I could solve this problem and tried again.” From the activity, Korya utilized a number of key scientific skills, including observation, measurement, and evaluation. She also learned the importance of learning from “failure”; each adjustment brings you one step closer to success. Of course, these activities also offer her and other children an opportunity to be creative, have fun, and think like a scientist.

Korya’s family view the Enjoy Maker Space as a must-visit event for children and families. It provides youth with opportunities to exercise their creativity and learn, in addition to providing inspiration to both children and parents. Her family added that maker activities nurture creativity, which youth can later apply in their daily lives, and also provides parents with the opportunity to learn from their children. The Enjoy Maker Space truly provides a perfect combination of knowledge, activities, and relationship building.


October 23, 2017