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As the manager of the National Science Museum’s Science Square, Supara Kamolpattana is responsible for all activities to promote awareness of science at the square. Supara stated that the knowledge she received from the workshop will be used to expand creative initiatives to promote science among Thai youth. “Participating in this training allowed me togain a lot of knowledge to develop Maker Space programs. I am excited to have learned about concepts to stimulate the creative and scientificideas of children which are integrated into each NYSCI activity.” “I think the Maker Space will create enormous benefits for Thai children, including developing their creative thinking and analytical skills. More importantly, the activities will allow children to learn about STEM naturally. If we can expand the Maker Space to all provinces or in major cities, it will result in significant positive impact.

Moreover, we should integrate Maker Space into school curriculum, with teachers being trained on how to design, develop, and create Maker-style experiential learning for children.”


October 23, 2017