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Aomjai Kwannimit has been a vocational school science teacher in Trang Province for 15 years. For Aomjai and dozens of science teachers who engaged in four weeks of intensive professional development training in October 2016 and March 2017, the Active Physics program has helped to generate a spirit of enjoyment and engagement in STEM education.When she was invited to the workshops, Aomjai didn’t know it would change the way she taught. The workshops were led by

It’s About Time trainers and the Chevron Enjoy Science master trainer team composed of leading OVEC science educators and distinguished university faculties from across Thailand. After attending the workshops, Aomjai said she learned new, highimpact teaching and presentation techniques, and has eagerly used them to improve her classes. She reflected that, after using these approaches in the classroom, students were more actively involved in conducting science experiments. “Project-based

learning is helping my students build critical thinking, resulting in students following lessons to explore solutions to their own questions,” Aomjai confirmed.

The Active Physics program is improving the quality of secondary technical and vocational education by providing high-quality learning materials and professional development for teachers like Aomjai. “I would like to thank Chevron Enjoy Science for helping to improve educational opportunities for the next generation of Thai students,” said Aomjai. The Active Physics training is only one part of the Chevron Enjoy Science Project, a five-year private-public partnership with the Government of Thailand to improve skills of teachers and students and prepare them for the 21st century workplace.


October 23, 2017



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