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Nopparat, a student at Wat Laem Fah Pah School, was a featured speaker at the STEM hub launch event and inspired event participants alike by sharing her own experience on the value of inquiry-based learning promoted through Chevron Enjoy Science. Speaking to her past experience with science education, Nopparat said “I have to admit that in the past I really didn’t like studying science because I thought it was boring and pointless. In previous grades, the teacher would tell us to open the book, read it, and memorize some formulas. I learned nothing and found no practical application of the formulas to real life.” Joining the project in 2016, Wat Laem Fah Pah School in Samut Prakarn is part of the Chevron Enjoy Science Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University STEM hub network. As part of the project, the school receives full support from the project. This means that the school’s principal has undergone leadership training, its teachers have received professional development training, and select students have been trained to support teachers as laboratory assistants. Furthermore, the school has received science and mathematics materials that induce active learning in its classrooms. These efforts have really paid off at Wat Laem Fah Pah School, and helped generate student interest in pursuing STEM subjects. According to Nopparat, “After our teacher began using the new teaching methods and materials, the classroom atmosphere changed completely; we spend our time conducting science experiments, having group discussions about what we learned, and presenting our ideas and assumptions to the class. I now find that I learn and actually understand those formulas that I used to find so dull.”


October 23, 2017