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Mr. Wiwat Wilailak, director of Nakhon Nayok Technical College

The Chevron Enjoy Science Project does not solely aim to enhance the capacity of students. Teachers and educational administrators comprise a key group that the project works to benefit through its various initiatives. A good leader will be able to enhance the capacity of their institute in producing qualified graduates to meet the demands of the ever-changing world. Mr. Wiwat Wilailak, director of Nakhon Nayok Technical College, was among the participants at a Chevron Enjoy Science-supported workshop for vocational college administrators.

Mr. Wiwat elaborated on the changes that have occurred in the classrooms at the College he manages: “I once attended training by the project with other peer teachers and I noticed that after the training the teachers began applying the knowledge from their training in their science classes. One very visible change was that students started playing closer attention in classes because
the lessons were more relevant and enjoyable. This differed from students in the past who would just listen to the lecture without gaining hands on experience. The students experienced a new dimension in learning, while the teachers made progress in their own teaching skills.”

During this training, the project made use of an international STEM curriculum appropriate for vocational education (STEM for TVET) called Active Physics. The module builds on physics lessons taught in class, and emphasizes the learner’s analysis, observation and real-life experiments –delivered through a teaching medium that allows the learner to seamlessly link theory to practice. The module also inspires teachers to present their lessons in a manner that encourages the learners to participate.

“The project’s Active Physics curriculum has been piloted at our technical college, serving to create a new learning process – with STEM education at the core – for learners. Once the students graduate and enter the workforce, they will be able to carry out work and really solve problems, meeting the demands in many industries where quality workers with specific skills are needed for the purpose of maximizing performance.”

It is important for management of an institute to have the vision for continual development. “The world spins quickly now, and one needs to keep pace with it. The support provided to educators to enhance their teaching skills will reinforce their work, allowing them to think outside of the box and pursue new techniques that will increase student engagement. The different components – teacher training, curricula and learning resources – are important for facilitating the skills development of both teachers and learners.”


April 10, 2018