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Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue No. 11

Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue No. 11

Human resources development is one of the critical factors driving Thailand 4.0. Therefore, it is a priority for Thailand to upgrade its education system to keep up with rapidly-evolving technology.

To improve education in Thailand, Chevron Enjoy Science has signed agreements with 12 university groups to launch 12 regional STEM hubs accross Thailand. The MOU signing took place on 9 March and included the Vice Minister of Education, Associate Professor Sopon Napathorn, with leadership from 14 university partners, leading teachers in education programs, as well as almost one hundred Education Service Area Officers, school leaders and mentors. The group of over two hundred educators united to drive new forms of learning and innovation and equip the next generation with vital skills necessary to propel Thailand 4.0. This collaboration with universities will strengthen the STEM education partnership network across Thailand, as universities are equipped with highly qualified personnel and strong relationships with schools and communities.

Through its dynamic public-private partnership, Chevron Enjoy Science is developing a stronger, more robust STEM education system in Thailand. The regional hubs support local schools by providing professional development training to principals and teachers, recruiting and training student assistants and mentors, and introducing internationally-proven, research-based curricula and high-impact instructional practices. By transforming traditional classrooms into student-driven learning centers, the project is empowering students to acquire the STEM and critical thinking skills to thrive in the modern economy. Moreover, this model is helping bridge the large gap in education quality that exists between large, urban schools and small, rural schools.

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November 15, 2017