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Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue 38

Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue 38

Chevron Enjoy Science Project: Monitoring & Evaluation

For the past five years, the Chevron Enjoy Science Project has embarked on a landmark programmatic evaluation. With the assistance of a diverse array of evaluation experts and research professionals, the evaluation team has taken on the gigantic task of measuring the impact of the multifaceted $30 million commitment to Thailand’s evaluational system.

The final report is now complete. Taken together with previous Baseline and Midline findings, the Endline evaluation paints a striking and complete picture of how Enjoy Science has impacted STEM and TVET teaching and learning across Thailand.

Observed over a five-year span, the breadth of data in this new analysis reveals that student engagement and confidence have increased by statistically significant amounts, with technical students reporting higher workplace confidence. Perhaps even more importantly, teachers at Enjoy Science schools outperformed their peers at comparison schools, doubling the utilization of effective hands-on lessons and interactive, inquiry-based group work.

The completion on of the Endline also marks another exiting achievement: the largest evaluation of Thailand’s evaluation system ever conducted. The evaluation’s scale was achieved with the help of many invaluable partners, including the internationally-lauded statisticians at Management Systems International (MSI), a leading U.S. evaluation firm that was selected through a highly competitive process whereby 16 organizations submitted proposals.

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March 20, 2020