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Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue No. 3

Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue No. 3

Khon Kaen hosted the first Khon Kaen Provincial STEM Committee meeting on 16 October, where key government, private sector, and academic stakeholders who are involved with the Chevron Enjoy Science project met to develop a framework that will promote provincial STEM education development, support master teachers, and sustainably run regional STEM Hubs. This committee, which includes representatives from Chevron, OBEC, Kenan, academia, and other government partners, was formed to work on
STEM education strategies at the provincial level, ensuring that reforms meet the needs of local communities and are implemented correctly.

Situated in Northeastern Thailand, Khon Kaen is a regional center for education, finance, government affairs, and transportation, making it an ideal location to host one of the three STEM Hubs that the Chevron Enjoy Science
project will launch during its first year. Along with Samut Prakarn and Songkhla, Khon Kaen will be home to a regional STEM Hub, which will focus on developing and mentoring math and science teachers, enhancing teaching
materials and curricula, and building and maintaining a sustainable STEM school network. Each province that hosts a regional STEM Hub will also form a Provincial STEM Committee to oversee management and implementation.
In Khon Kaen, the Institute of Learning and Teaching Innovation, part of Khon Kaen University (KKU), will house the regional STEM Hub, supporting STEM education development in more than 120 participating schools.



October 23, 2017