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Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue No. 5

Chevron Enjoy Science Newsletter Issue No. 5

Education Reform to Strengthen Regional and Provincial Management

Mrs. Sukanya Ngambunjong

Senior Advisor in Learning Process Development and Director of BUREAU OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS AND EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS


The recent order by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to reform and strengthen regional and provincial education management across Thailand is a move in the right direction. The March 22nd announcement empowers regional and provincial officers with more authority to better manage and administer education reforms. Chief among these reforms is the development of teachers, which the government considers a key priority. In addition, this move to create a more localized education system aims to improve STEM education, higher education enrolment, and principal administration of schools.

These reforms are all consistent with the vision of the Chevron Enjoy Science project. Fun and engaging science education is essential to Thailand’s future, and improving science education starts with better developing our teachers. Through skills trainings, new curriculums, and new pedagogies, our teachers will be more equipped to educate students. In particular, the Chevron Enjoy Science project’s STEM and TVET Hubs will help local teachers by providing them with academic mentors, resources, and trainings.



October 23, 2017